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Sean Carrie
Sean Carrie is a photographer and videographer currently residing on his home soil of Vancouver Island. Whether shooting for himself or for clients, Sean has a knack for storytelling & channels this passion through his camera. 

The Team

Sean Carrie - Photographer
Sean Carrie


Other than photography, Sean has quite a few hobbies.  He is an avid – or what some would call “obsessed” – record collector and self-proclaimed audiophile.  In the past, Sean used to be a professional music producer & audio engineer, but now seeks enjoyment playing guitar at home.  Sean is also a REALTOR® at RE/MAX Camosun & loves helping his clients on the island.

Jenica Carrie
Jenica Carrie

Manager & Client Care

Jenica lives off a steady diet of espresso and pastries.  She is a gardening fanatic and enjoys growing everything from vegetables to roses.  If anyone would have their library card number memorized, it would be Jenica.  You can usually find her cozied up with a good book no matter where Sean has dragged her that day. 

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Otherwise known as Missy McGoo, Snickerdoo, and Peanut, Kitty is a fanatic of meowing at the door every 15 seconds for no reason even though she doesn’t even want to go out.  She is officially the undefeated napping champion of the household & works hard at producing puke piles for her humans to step in with their clean socks. 

We are a creative team with a passion for storytelling.

Sean is passionate about his craft and uses visual elements such as photos and films as a vessel for his stories, whether they are for personal means or professional uses.  When it comes to working with clients there is never a cookie cutter approach; everything is custom tailored for each project and client.  


Exceeding expectations

Sean is known for going above and beyond the expectations.  His attention to detail and willingness to go the extra mile is always appreciated.  


SINCE 2017

Sean has a philosophy of over-delivering, rather than over-promising.  His clients appreciate the enthusiasm he brings to each project & can see how much he loves creating photos & films.

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