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Taking your visuals to the next level is my specialty. I’m here to showcase yourself — and your brand — in the best light possible.  So let’s get started.  Scroll down to see what’s offered.  

Here are several options, covering both Photography and Videography packages.

Here is a quick breakdown of the

Top 3 Photo Packages:

Whether you want to simply showcase your product, create a unique and on-brand collection of images to use for whatever purpose, or a behind the scenes “action” pack for using on social media, there are so many ways to create cinematic stories to help connect with your audience. 

So, here’s some of Sean’s top 3 photography packages:

Branding Package

A tailored approach to creating an on-brand bundle of unique media for your business.  This package is perfect for refreshing (or starting) your presence online; everything from your website to your social profiles.  If you’re self employed or own a business, a photo collection of your brand is essential.  

Sean delivers a large amount & a wide variety of unique photographs for your branding purposes, and includes 1 complimentary headshot (studio or environmental) for your requirements.

*Contact for Quote*
Branding Packs start at $399/shoot
Typical Shoot is 2-3 Hours

Product & Services

Unless you’re planning on selling your product or services over good ol’ AM Radio, you’ll need professional images of your product, especially if you have an e-commerce business or advertise your services (or products) online. 

As for the location or setting, we can travel to your location or shoot your product in a setting of our choice.  If you’re a service provider, we can either join you for a “day-on-the-job” or chat about other ideas you may have in mind.


There’s so many variables to price each package — from hourly, to per photo, to per product methods — so the easiest way to determine the cost is to contact us for a project consult.

*Contact for Your Project’s Quote*
Typical Shoot is 2.5 Hours

Social Media Pack

This candid & “behind-the-scenes” approach is perfect for creating a bundle of on-brand photos to showcase yourself in action to your clients & online followers.  If you’ve run out of material from your “Branding Package” the social media pack is perfect for a quick and unique collection of media to use online for weeks worth of posts.  

Sean offers a few different options for this bundle, ranging from one-off shoots to monthly subscriptions, so you never run out photos again.

*Contact for Exact Quote*
Average Investment is $189 – $249/shoot
Typical Shoot is 45-90 Mins

*Since all projects are unique, a thorough (yet quick and free!) consultation will be required to determine every custom quote.

Here is a quick breakdown of the

Top 3 Video Packages:

Whether you want to simply showcase your product, star in a narrative story behind your brand, or feature a promotional video to shed light on an event, there are so many ways to create cinematic stories to help connect with your audience. There are many more options available, such as “explainer videos” or “educational videos” if you wanted to create a mini-series for your customers, so let’s get in touch if you don’t see anything listed for the project you had in mind.

So, here’s some of Sean’s top video packages:


the "Story"


Starring in a narrative & cinematic story of your brand is by far one of the most effective ways to connect with your consumer!  This type of video is typically a blend of the traditional company culture with some inspiration narrative style elements thrown in. 

Together we’ll work on the best strategy on how to create a captivating and compelling film that caters to your audience. This is certainly one of the more hands-on and advanced packages and requires a lot of brainstorming.  

After a quick consultation we typically work together to create a script & theme of your on-screen dialogue for the “interview style” portion of the video – the essence of the story.  After that, I create a shot list & story board, which is used to plan & schedule the shoot.  Depending on the complexity of the project, these typically take at least one full day of shooting, which includes the interview & any staff or actors required for the “B-Roll” footage that takes place overtop of the narrative. 

Scroll Down for an example of a “Story” video package.


Product & Services


Emotional purchases make up 95% of our consumer habits.   It’s time we hit your customers in the feels.  Let’s create a compelling and captivating on-brand media package presenting your product.  Whether you simply want to entice your followers on instagram with a quick video, or showcase your product in action.

There are simply tons of product video formats, ranging from crowdfunding videos of your concept or prototype, to showcasing your product in action, or even how a product is made from start to finish. 

There’s no one-size-fits-all video format, so the best way to create a product video for your needs is to chat about your ideas. Together we’ll work towards creating a unique and on-brand video for your purposes.



the Promotion


Your customers are 64% more likely to purchase a product or hire your services after watching your video.  If you have a limited-time promotion for your product or services (or an exciting event) creating a video will yield excellent results!  

As time is of the essence for most promotions, Sean understands the balance & the choices between good, fast, & cheap.  With reasonable rates, efficient speed, and never cutting corners, we believe a harmony of all three can be easily attainable for your promotional video. 

Contact Sean today for a quick and free consultation about your video. 


Connect To Your Audience

tell the story of your brand
with cinematic Videos.

Here's an example of a popular option, "the Story" video package.


There’s always an interesting story behind every brand and business.  With today’s increasingly online world it’s more important than ever to connect on a personal level to your consumer.  


Your purpose and the values of your brand are what make you unique will set you apart from others. 


The people you’re connecting with online are your brands community. Be that consumers or other like minded brands and businesses, cultivating a strong presence in your community will keep your brand top of mind. 

“Design must reflect the practical and aesthetic in business but above all…Good design must primarily serve people.”
Elly Holmes

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As you can tell, I am passionate about storytelling and have a knack for helping you convey your message through the use of compelling media.  I’m excited to hear about your ideas and encourage anyone with questions to contact me.  Send me a message and let’s get chat about your project.  

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