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Don't just sell the home.
Sell the lifestyle.

Invest in a cinematic walkthrough video of your listing

It’s no surprise that virtual technology and platforms are taking real estate towards an increasingly online & digital world.  With our premium cinematic walkthrough videos we strive to recreate the emotion and sensation a person has when physically walking through the home.  A viewer can experience your home & neighbourhood no matter where they are in the world.  

Base Video: Premium In Every Way

This package is perfect for quickly highlighting the features of any home, no matter the size.  The most popular types of properties are micro-condos, but our “cinematic short” videos have highlighted some of the most outstanding features of large luxury properties.  The choice is yours. 

Our cine-short videos range from 40 to a maximum of 60 seconds long and typically work best if they do not feature an on-screen presentation from an agent, but we have made it work in the past if they are extremely brief.  

We can feature a mixture of wide-angled walkthrough & close-up detailed shots to captivate the viewer and maximize interest in this short and sweet video presentation. 

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Deluxe Listing Video: Fully Upgraded

Our most popular package, the “Filmic Feature” video highlights every aspect of the home both inside and out.  

These types of films typically sit around 2 minutes long, give or take, and work exceptionally well with an on-screen agent presentation; both an introduction and “call to action” outro works quite well.  We maximize the best of both worlds to make yourself and the home stand out from the crowd.  

For this “full feature” we spend an incredible amount of time ensuring the music fits the theme of the home and your presentation.  Where other video companies feature music as an afterthought, our films portray music as if it were written specifically for the home itself — This is what makes it cinematic.

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Absolutely Custom: the Boutique Project

The absolute platinum package. Our premium presentation is just that: we feature all the bells and whistles complimentary & provide script assistance and location scouting for the on-screen presentation, if applicable.  

Our premium walkthrough video seems more like a short film, highlighting the lifestyle and neighbourhood just as much as the home itself.  Our premium videos typically fall around the 3 minute mark, but can certainly vary upon complexity.  These are best for lengthy on-screen presentations where the features and details are too much for a simple hello.  

Much like our “filmic feature” package, this premium walkthrough video features music that is carefully selected to embody the essence of the home and the vibe of the video presentation itself.  Think of it like a movie score; custom-tailored and edited for movement and to evoke emotion.  

Here's an example of a

Premium Listing Video

With all the bells and whistles

Standard CINEMaTOGRAPHY Services

Included In Every Package

We ensure that every movie looks it’s best, no matter the budget of the length.  These standard features do just that.


On-Screen Address, Features, & Room Descriptions. Agent Branding & Call-to-Action Info. 

Your choice what you’d like to include. Complimentary with every package.


We are extremely particular about our music & hand-select premium tracks to license for all our films. Say no to corny elevator music!

We know you’ll appreciate the quality.  And so will your clients.

On-Screen Presentation

Connect to your customer and feature an on-screen presentation for your listing video.  Agent “Intro and Outro” presentations are complimentary with every package.  Inquire for details.


Create space for your story with

Premium Add-On's

Add any feature to any package.

the “Premium Presentation package includes complimentary golden-hour shoot, lifestyle cinematography, & teaser trailer.

Golden-Hour Shoot

Bask in the beauty of a twilight or golden hour shoot.  Gorgeous, soft light that is complimentary to the home & showcases features in the best possible ways, both inside & out.


Cinematic Trailer

Due to popular demand for a “shorter version” of your listing video, we offer a separate teaser trailer which is perfect for social media to hype your upcoming listing. 



Lifestyle Clips

Increase interest with neighbourhood & lifestyle cinematography. Buyer’s want to see more than just the bricks and beams.  Invest in a handful of lifestyle clips to the film. 


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