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Everything from corporate headshots to couples.
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Studio Headshots

look like a pro

The classic headshot is typically just that: it’s a professional portrait focusing on your beautiful face, typically from the shoulders and up. 

With everything heading to virtual platforms & social profiles, it’s essential for a professional online presence. Studies show that the most engagement a photo is likely to receive is of your profile picture, and for good reason…People want to see your beautiful face!   

Invest in a proper headshot of yourself and stand out from the crowd. It’s essentially using your face to put your best foot forward!

We can discuss the preferences of your desired headshot during a warmup session on the day of the shoot, or beforehand.  For now, click on the button below for a breakdown of the studio packages and information for the shoot.

Portraits & Lifestyle

creative & laid back

This is where you can really let your personality shine through. While a studio head shot is your “first impression,” the personal portraits are where people get to know your personality and your style. 

Our portraits sessions are perfect for showcasing your personal style, whether in a professional or personal setting. These sessions include a wide variety of poses in a variety of locations for a variety of purposes.  

Again, location, overall theme as well as tasks to be captured in the shoot will be discussed and organized ahead of time.  


If you are looking for a more professional setting, Sean recommends a Studio Headshot, available by clicking below:

Chris and Laura (Photo Site)


engagements & Weddings

Theres nothing like having a special moment captured in a photograph. Whether you’re celebrating an engagement or you want to freeze a special moment of you and your significant other, I love capturing connections through photography. 

In order to capture the personal connection, it’s imperative for me to get to know you so I can capture that special connection. From how you met, to what lies ahead for you, this shoot is more than just some quick snaps of you frolicking through a meadow. From my own experience with having my engagement photos taken, I want you to remember how much fun you had while taking these photos, and remember the moment you had for years to come.

Props and tasks are not essential, but certainly give the photos your own personal touch and contributes to creating natural and candid moments. We can get creative — with everything from locations to outfit changes — so lets collaborate and capture your perfect moment. 

A small handful of favourites

The Method

Every approach to my portraits are as unique as you are.
Here is a quick overview on how to plan our ideas, what to expect during the shoot,
and what to look forward to afterwards.
Step #1 - The People

Whether for corporate headshot or your engagement shoot, I want to get to know you. Tell me a little about yourself before the shoot.

Step #2 - The Plan

Let's discuss what these photos are going to be used for. What would like me to capture in particular and what is the overall theme & style of the shoot?

Step #3 - The Place

Now it's time to pick a location. I offer complimentary location scouting & love to shoot during golden-hour...to no surprise.

Step #4 - The Session

My number one priority is your trust and for you to feel confident in front of the camera. For starters, choose clothing you feel comfortable in.

Step #5 - The Editing

On average I spent 2 times longer editing than I do shooting. Everything from colour grading to portrait retouching. A lot goes in to this process to ensure your satisfaction.

Step #6 - The Delivery

I send both the drafts & the final product through an online platform where you can view and download your images. It's fast, easy, and most importantly...private.


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