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Headshot & Portrait Information

For Headshot clients, the camera is up close and personal.  Sean focuses on a classic headshot style which is  shoulders & up.  Included in every session is constructive coaching to help you look and feel your best, all while capturing the best possible headshot.

Our Portrait sessions is where we can experiment with lighting & different looks to create something fun and unique to your brand.  Whether expanding on the corporate headshot style & setting or something more artistic, you’ll walk away with a versatile & personal on-brand portfolio for a wide variety of marketing purposes.

As for tips & suggestions, Sean recommends wearing solid colours or clothes with as minimal patterns as possible.  Earrings are best kept to small studs or removed entirely.  This keeps distractions to a minimum, & helps focus on your best natural features — your beautiful face!

Features in every pack.

Live Photo Review

Viewing the images on an external monitor while "tethering" the camera during the shoot is an easy way to gain confidence, as you can see in real-time what your headshot looks like. Pick out the best, and forget the rest.


Creating the perfect headshot is more than just some lights and a camera - it's capturing the perfect expression. Sean takes the time to coach each client, rather than just holding down the shutter button and hoping for the best.

Flexible Licensing

The final images can be used for everything from personal to commercial use. A mix of high-res and web sized images are available for download through a private online gallery for print or online purposes.

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