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Fast Turnaround

We understand the pace of the real estate market and make sure you get your floor plans when you need them. Get your professional, detailed floor plans delivered within 36h of your appointment.

Versatile Applications

Our floor plans come with the flexibility of colour coding & re-labelling. Choose the colour scheme that best suits your branding or personal preference.

Interactive Floor Plans

Use our floor plans as standalone marketing assets or integrate them with an additional iGuide 3D virtual tours for a comprehensive property showcase.

Our Floorplan Promise

on every property, condo to colosseum

We believe in the power of precision and reliability.  That’s why our team exclusively uses the iGuide system; a proprietary and highly accurate system by Ontario based company, Planitar. Our iGuide floor plans come with a guarantee of quality, promising detailed, laser-accurate room measurements and dimensions, and reliable property square footage calculations1.

Precision & Accuracy

Laser-Accurate Measurements

iGUIDE floor plans offer laser-accurate room measurements and dimensions, ensuring precision that you can rely on. With a typical iGUIDE measurement uncertainty in distance measurement on a floor plan being 0.5% or better, and the corresponding uncertainty in square footage being 1% or better, you can have confidence in the figures you present​1

Compliant and Detailed Floor Plans

iGUIDE floor plans are not only precise, but also compliant with the ANSI-Z765-2021 measurement standard for calculating Gross Living Area (GLA) and fully compatible with new rules introduced by Fannie Mae. These detailed floor plans provide essential property information like room dimensions, total floor areas, and more. This can help streamline the closing process and avoid delays in the mortgage approval process​2​​ 1

Fast and Efficient Capture

The patented iGUIDE camera system enables a floor plan and 3D virtual tour to be captured in a single visit, without significantly increasing the amount of time spent at each property. This speed of capture simplifies the process and ensures that you get your floor plans quickly and efficiently​

Architects, Builders, & Commercial

Efficienty & Innovation.

The days of manual drawing are a thing of the past. iGUIDE offers the fastest and most cost-effective solution for capturing and drafting 2D floor plans. The DWG file export is intended as a head start on architectural and construction floor plans, as well as as-built and design drawings. With the iGUIDE PLANIX Camera System, you’re enhancing your floor plan drafting workflow, making it more efficient and innovative

The Benefits of DWG Floor Plans

There are numerous advantages to using iGUIDE DWG Floor Plans in conjunction with iGUIDE 3D Tours. These include the ability to take thousands of measurements instantly for improved accuracy at a level of LOD 200 – level of detail with a faster rate of capture that allows properties to be measured in minutes rather than hours, and an enhanced speed of delivery, with floor plans delivered in 48 hours instead of the typical 5-10 days.  

Rapid Delivery

One of the biggest advantages of using iGUIDE DWG Floor Plans is the quick turnaround time. Your detailed, accurate floor plans will be delivered to you in 48 hours or less, whereas the typical turnaround time is 5-7 Business Days. This rapid delivery ensures you can move forward with your project in a timely manner, eliminating unnecessary delays and keeping your workflow efficient”

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